Strength of Shivamy Group

STRENGTH: Shivamy Group Takes Care Of Following Major Activities Which Are The Strength of Shivamy Group.


Shivamy Group has a team of highly Qualified & Dedicated Engineers to ensure optimum level of support throughout the project process-cycle to Partners.
We provide complete support to partners for the Presales and Post sales


Deep dive by technical team to identify the requirement and proposing rightly balanced techno-commercial solution.


Shivamy Group takes care of training on a focused way. We have two type of training - one is organized by Shivamy Group and another is organized by the Vendors/OEM.
Shivamy Group organizes non certified training on various technology which covers the total concept, sales over view and hands on training since 2009.

Training organized by Vendors/OEM are co-ordinated by Shivamy Group, starting from online registration, course module distribution, online study, actual lab training and final online examination, at every stage Shivamy Group help and Gide partner to get certified training.


Shivamy Group provides product specific customized EDMS, SMS, an Email campaign support to its partner & we have dedicated Marketing and Partner Development Team to cater marketing activity.

Shivamy Group also encourages Partners to take part in local exhibitions to promote and display the live solutions. Shivamy Group is very much initiative to organize various seminars and partner meet on time to time so as to update the partners on new and latest technologies.

For any of the scheme Shivamy Group have its team to take care of floating the scheme to partners and help them to re-imbrues the same on timely manner